Massage Lasers


Medx Phototherapy is a proven and highly effective treatment which increases local microcirculation, inflammation/ edema,
and enhances immune response and angiogenesis. The MedX Phototherapy treatment system is powered by a compact MedX1100 N
console. The console is easy to operate with the option of using the preset guides which automatically calculate and display
treatment times or the manual mode referring to the MedX Treatment Manual.


The detailed Medx Treatment Manual provides accurate protocols and settings for over 65 common ailments.


The console is quick and easy to set and makes preparing for treatments simple. Three accessory ports provide the flexibility
to use any combination of accessories with either continuous or pulsed waveforms.


The console powers the MedX hand held low level laser and two hands-free strap-on superluminous diode (SLD) clusters.
Once activated, the console displays the time and energy delivered for each port separately and
automatically turns itself off once treatment is completed. Multiple sites can be treated at the same time.


MedX products are US FDA cleared, Health Canada licensed and CE Marked. Our products are
produced in an ISO13485:2003 certified manufacturing and testing facility.


Massage Lasers

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