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Our Laser Therapy Research Pages include thousands of studies and published papers. Click here to read about how Cold Laser Therapy works, the importance of wavelength and power, as well as search the many conditions and studies available on specific conditions.

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Read about Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT) for both Equine and Companion Animal applications as well as how power and wavelength play a role in efficacy. You may also view conditions treated and preview veterinary laser training. Click here for veterinary laser therapy.

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Request your free copy of our 2014 Laser Therapy Catalog. You’ll receive information on available models, sales promotions, conditions treated, new studies, brand comparisons and much more. Click here to receive your catalog.



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Online Cold Laser Therapy Training Course

Want to learn more about Cold Laser Therapy starting with basic function through advanced methods? Here you may sign up for our online Cold Laser Training Course. You will receive access to our online training videos, webinars, and treatment protocols as well as discussions regarding the basics of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) different powers, wavelengths, efficacy and much more. Click Here to view the more on training.
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