Acupuncture Portable Laser

Acupuncture Portable Laser

For Smoking Cessation and other Addiction Programs as well as tissue injury,
The MedX Acupuncture Portable Laser has a unique, interchangeable Light Guide to deliver accurate laser stimulation for auricular and body acupuncture. The tapered, rounded tip allows for precision treatment of small points within the ear lobe and on the body, yet ensures patient comfort.

For Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Applications
The MedX Acupuncture Portable Laser has an interchangeable, wider Light Guide with a rounded tip for point treatment for larger spot size treatment. The MedX Acupuncture Portable Laser allows you to direct the laser energy more specifically into tissue or smaller treatment areas, such as joints or muscle insertions.

The MedX Acupuncture Portable Laser is ideal for in-clinic or off site treatments, allowing you the freedom to administer laser therapy quickly and easily anywhere. Select the dose, treatment is automatically delivered within the timed cycles with audible feedback. The unit is lightweight and ergonomically designed with a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery. The MedX Acupuncture Portable Laser uses a single infrared GaAlAs laser diode (808 nm wavelength) with a visible red guide light. It includes a convenient carrying case and protective goggles for both the patient and clinician.

The unit includes a comprehensive guide for smoking and addiction Cessation as well as protocols for tissue injury.  A veterinary guide is also available upon request. 


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