Medx Rehab Console System with Laser and two SLD Clusters.


MedX Console (model: MBM1100N) with Removable Key
MedX Rehab Tethered Laser (model: LCT450)
2 x MedX SLD Light Cluster (model: MCT1001) with Flexstrap
Base for MedX Console
Power Supply
Power Cord
Treatment Guide
Operating Guide (this book)
2 x Standard Protective Goggles (MPG01) – (one each for patient and

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The compact MedX Console controls & powers both SLD clusters for a larger treatment area. It is easy to use – built-in guidelines prompt you through decisions related to selection of parameters, then automatically calculate and display treatment times. Alternatively, if the treatment parameters are known, the manual mode allows for quick, easy setup. Once activated, the console displays the time and energy delivered for each port separately and automatically turns itself off once treatment is completed. Multiple sites can be treated at the same time.

MedX accessories include a Rehab Handheld Laser and hands-free SLD Clusters. Three accessory ports provide the flexibility to use any combination of accessories with either continuous or pulsed mode.